Training programs offered by TPCL provide your organization with unsurpassed quality and unmatched flexibility.
All our programs are modular and are combined to meet your organization’s specific needs. It is our ability to analyze the intricacies of your business and comprehend the organizational ethos, under our customization banner, which had made us the leading training organization within the country.
Customization implemented with rigor and original research aids us in benchmarking our initiatives over a larger geographical spread, where an identified national pool of trainers is dedicated to your organization. Regional nuances of the business and the local flavor are spiced in while imparting experiential training.
Intensive role-plays, exhaustive case-studies, animated group discussions, exhilarating simulations, patented instruments, and invigorating yet profound games are expertly woven in by our experienced trainers to guarantee a high quality execution.

TPCL broad range of training and development programs, aimed at all organizational levels and disciplines, are designed for the personal and professional development of your people. Professional programs cover skill-based functional expertise on areas including sales, major account development, marketing and sales management, channel development, management and supervision, and communication as well as attitudinal training on motivational leadership, change management, team building and customer satisfaction as demanded in many of today’s organizations.

Adult education is that people learn through a combination of action and reflection. Consequently our training format is highly interactive, and is based on a minimum of frontal lecturing, with emphasis on group participation, exercises, customized client-specific simulations, and facilitated discussions and analyses.
Our workshops are tailored to meet each audience’s specific needs.
This includes:
Employing customized case-studies and role-plays that reflect the audience's professional context and real-life challenges.
Creating a syllabus that matches the time - constraints of the client.
Adding or substituting content to address the specific challenges faced by participants; and
Offering one-facilitator and two-facilitator options.